Introduction or what the frell is this about

I’ve had enough, it came to a head yesterday. If felt like I’d had a year of the answer ‘I don’t know’ when I asked my family what they want for tea.

You’d think it would be the easiest answer in the world wouldn’t you? But NOOOOOO! In all fairness it’s probably been 2 weeks of the ‘I don’t know’ answer, so I’ve come up with a solution to keep my anger to less than stroke inducing levels. I decided that they get 1 chance per week to tell me what they want to eat and after that I decide. I also decided to blog about it because I can’t be the only person to be in this position!

A bit about me, I’m a SAHP (Stay At Home Parent), I have a 4 year old boy, The Cub and a 40ish partner Robin, also known as OMM or The Twat depending on how I’m feeling with him! I took voluntary redundancy from a bank – don’t boo! – at the end of my maternity leave and decided to go and do an fashion degree, like you do when you’re 41! I make corsets and children’s clothes. I love cooking, it shows the love or genuine liking for somebody if they sit at my table and eat my food. I’m a feminist (more accurately an equalist but that’s on another blog!) and soft leftie of the old school labour type. I like the idea of the type of food Heston Blumenthal makes but am more likely to eat at a local restaurant than a swanky city one.

‘Stop rambling and tell us what you’re doing with your blog Dawn’ I hear you cry, well ok then! I’m going to document what we have for dinner (please note it’s dinner, tea is a drink or sandwiches at 1600!) for the next year. A huge undertaking but one I feel that will give me help and insight into what to feed the blighters! Please feel free to add whatever it is you’ve fed your tribe with recipes and suggestions, you will probably inspire me to new heights of culinary genius or just give me an idea when I’m stuck šŸ˜€

Starting tonight, we had Aldi’sĀ frikadellen meatballs, Aldi’s crispy potatoes and steamed broccoli. I do like to cook from scratch but we have the September to November lurgy, courtesy of our own little germ carrying vector affectionately known as The Cub. Not the most exciting of meals but one I know that everyone will eat something from even if they are feeling really ill, which we all are right now! Also, because the I do both the potatoes and theĀ frikadellen in the oven there is very little getting up and down to check on it. My bones are weary and even my hair hurts because of the virus currently doing the rounds in our house. Yes, this is where you get to poor on sympathy. Also, because I didn’t think about it in time I forgot to take a picture but handy Google will provide you with pictures of all the components of this meal. It’s what I call assembly cooking because you assemble the bits heat them up and serve them, no real cooking involved. I highly recommend this for when you are exhausted or under the weather!

So you have some idea of what our family looks like have a picture of The Cub, he’s very cute!


He was about 2 when this was taken, you are unlikely to see pictures of me because I hate having my picture taken!

Come back tomorrow for Sweet and Sour Chicken and steamed rice. We might even have a pudding if I can shake off the lurgy.

Peace, love and pizza!


One thought on “Introduction or what the frell is this about

  1. Oh, do I feel your pain!! I just have the one (40+) manchild in the house, but it’s just as frustrating!

    Why do I have to be the one who decides!?! He knows just as well as I do what we have in, because he comes shopping, packs it in the supermarket, and unpacks it at home!

    How am *I* supposed to guess what he might like?! I’m intuitive, I’m not a fecking psychic!

    And it should be law that after someone says they don’t know, they have to eat what they are presented with, and not just pick at it, and throw the rest in the composting.

    No, hun, you are NOT the only one. xx

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