Day 2, the day in which the best laid plans go forth and disappear

So, today? We were SUPPOSED to be having sweet and sour chicken with rice and perhaps pudding if we were feeling sassy!

What we ACTUALLY had is sandwiches, we have been grabbed by the lurgy! Which sounds WAY more kinky than the reality of snot and careful sneezes. Why careful sneezes I hear you ask, all 1 of my dear readers? Well, I’ve had a child, some of you are nodding (and thanking whatever deity or supermarket stocks them for Tenna Ladies) and others are going ‘huh?’ I will always tell you the unbridled truth dear reader. I’ve had a child, and regardless of the age you are when you have the child (I was 40, yes, the Daily Mail hates me) your pelvic floor never really recovers. They (the health care professionals, that is) tell you to do kegel exercises, what they DON’T tell you is that they don’t work and your ability to sneeze, cough and laugh with gay abandon only really comes back when you bite the bullet and purchase the aforementioned Tenna Ladies. Anyway, what was I saying, oh yes we are grabbed by the lurgy and as such any energy I had dissipated at approximately 10:15 this morning after The Cub’s harvest festival.

I have to really hand it to The Cub’s head master, he must have sat through hundreds of these things – he’s been a head for years and been head at The Cub’s school for at least 10 years – but he still looked a little teary while it was going on. There is a head who truly cares Mr Gove, perhaps you could talk to him and actually buy yourself a clue?

I digress, this is usual for me. Ahem! Anyhoo, here is the picture of today’s culinary masterpiece. The Cub loved it, he loved it even more when he got some salami, which apparently must accompany every meal regardless of suitability!


The crap photography is my fault, I’m not a photographer and it’s on a camera phone. I am VERY much in envy of people who take photo’s of their food in restaurants with real camera’s and everything. Even though I have no clue why you would, unless you are a professional food critic.

Tomorrow is an inset day at school so The Cub and I will be fine dining in Ikea for lunch – who says I’m not rock and roll? And, I will attempt, yet again at sweet and sour chicken for dinner tomorrow night 😀

Peace, love and pizza!


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