Sausages and waffles or how I avoided stabbing Robin

The Cub went to a party today for twin 3 year old’s on our street. It was held at a local soft play area, these are the 10th circle of hell for me. Usually, Robin (henceforth referred to as TT or The Twat) takes him to these parties because of it. Apparently, in his dreams, TT asked if I’d take him today because he wanted to finish The Great Wall Greenhouse. So after I woke him up this morning (we have system that gives TT a lie in in the morning and me a nap in the afternoon), he was expecting me to bounce out of the house with Cub in tow to the party. He was MOST put out that he had NOT actually had a conversation regarding this and that somehow this was my fault. No, dear reader, I have NO idea how that could possibly be either.

The Cub had a whale of a time, he is not the most fearless child in the world and I will not force him to BE fearless, he’ll come to things in his own time. My childhood was unremitting, awful, low level bullying and this was just a form of it and I will NOT do this to my son. My parents have been excellent role models in bringing up The Cub, every time I think what would they do then do the opposite. But he was whizzing down the big slide by the end of it and having tons of fun. For lunch he had a 1/4 of a jam sandwich, a ham sandwich and a dairy lee (or equivalent) sandwich. The usual crisps and accoutrements attended the feast. He seemed to enjoy it, but then, as a crawling baby, he once ate and enjoyed dog kibble. His taste is therefore suspect 😉

No there will not be a picture of the party because I don’t know all the children there and I’d rather cut off my thumb than put a child at risk by posting a picture of them. That, by the way folks, is the real reason schools and nursery’s won’t let you take pictures.

We get home and at long last The Great Wall Greenhouse is ‘finished’. I know you, my intelligent reader, you’ve spotted the apostrophes that attend the word, finish. There are several panels missing and no doubt, will cause pointless drama over the coming weeks whilst TT spends vast quantities of time to find the best price and save 20p off the cost. Still, it keeps him quiet and out of my hair for a bit 😉 Also, instead of getting some decent top soil to fill the bottom, there is some complicated reason why it’s been built the way it has, no I have no idea why although TT has tried to explain it to me several times. TT is sieving the soil that was dug out to get rid of the clay, Cheshire has A LOT of clay, and putting the good stuff back in.

Anyhoo, after a nap this afternoon, which is supposed to end at 17:00 we did have waffles, peas and sausages. There will be no picture of the food today, if you’re not from the UK and you’d like a picture I can post one later, if you are? You pretty much know what they look like. I cook sausages in the oven btw as it reduces the amount of fat in them.

TT was being ‘helpful’ again and allowed my nap to over run by half an hour. Don’t you dare say ah or bless, because, he didn’t actually start dinner whilst this was happening and as a consequence we had one EXTREMELY over tired Cub. He had a late dinner and a late shower and late story time. It was most enjoyable, that, dear reader, is what is known as sarcasm or just Dawn talking in our house!

I didn’t actually stab TT, because? He meant well. He usually does, he just doesn’t think things through to its logical conclusion, this makes me cross and is the reason I initiate arguments. I, on the other hand, am rubbish at housework and a happy slob, this makes TT cross and is what causes him to initiate arguments. Nobody is perfect I suppose, I come damn close though.

I have no idea what we’ll have tomorrow, probably pizza as we’ve got all the ingredients. I do have to do a shopping trip tomorrow as the world had come to an end, we’ve run out of jam. The Cub, will only want toast for breakfast, just watch! I’m off to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which we recorded Friday. We record things via a pc now so I can’t say taped, which, because I’m old, is what I want to say, what the hell do I call it? Anyone else finding it slooooooooooow? I heart Joss Whedon greatly, but this? It really needs to pick up the pace. Talk to you all tomorrow, I might even recap Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 😀

Peace, love and pizza!


2 thoughts on “Sausages and waffles or how I avoided stabbing Robin

  1. Plain scrambled eggs can be a bit boring, right?

    You know how you can put curry powder in beans, and make curried beans? And how you can take the yolk out of a boiled egg, add curry (and mayo) and make curried eggs?

    Well you should never follow the logic of those successes through to the conclusion I came to today, and make curried scrambled eggs. Unless you have less than 20% of your sight, or can only see in black and white…..

    ….it tastes okay, but I swear the last time I saw something that looked like that, I could also see the word “pampers” on the “plate”.

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