Despicable me or how annoying is this?

Second day at school after the half-term break and The Cub is very tired when he comes home – this is a mixed blessing. Hurrah, in that, my VERY active boy only wants to come home and veg, but, boo, that he gets his ‘second wind’ right at bath time and is a PITA* for everything for an hour. The parents reading this will know exactly how awful that can be.

No ‘homework’ tonight. Homework is usually just reading a book together and happens Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I call it homework because he will get actual have to sit down and do it homework in the very near future. We do it first thing when we get home after getting changed and before any tv or playing, hopefully, this will become a habit. Yes, I live in a lovely world with a purple sky and unicorns everywhere 😉

Tonight is a Beef and Mushroom pie with mash, The sauce for the pie came out of a bottle from Aldi as my health is not great today, don’t ask it’s a long story, and the mash is frozen. Frozen mash is surprisingly good if you add more butter to it. I needed to use up some puff pastry in the fridge, shop bought, life is TO short to make pastry, although I can. I had the kind of mother that wouldn’t let you use shop bought pastry until you could make it yourself. This was fine up until the time I needed to use filo pastry. Life is WAY to short to make that yourself. So I made a pie and didn’t throw away the pastry, The Cub does not usually react well to pies, this will be a test of my patience and fortitude at tea time.

I’ll update later with a picture of the pie.

Peace, love and pizzaxx

* Did you see what I did there?


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