Samhain or how al dente means under-cooked

Today, for the non-pagan’s amongst us is Samhain a brief explanation can be found with your friend and mine, Google or Witchvox if you cannot be bothered. The school that The Cub attends did not cover Halloween last year in case it offended people. This, offends me tbh. I don’t get all bent out of shape about kids celebrating Diwali or Christmas and am pretty much over the Christian hijacking of every holiday Pagan’s celebrate. So, as a Pagan and a governor if they decide not to do anything next year there may be ripples in the still pond that is school life.

We had Sos and Squash for tea. It’s easy peasy, peel a sqaush and cube it into bite size pieces. Take the skin off the sausages and make them into fake meatballs. Add a little oil to a frying pan (if you want to) add the sausage meatballs fry off for short while add the squash and cook until cooked. Meanwhile, cook some spaghetti however you like but remember al dente is another way of saying under-cooked*. Serve and drizzle with a little chilli oil, or add a little chilli to the sos and squash whilst cooking, whichever you prefer, the chilli is optional. Just remember when you’re cooking the squash it takes a lot less cooking than you’d think it would.

No pictures tonight as we are to busy trickle treating 😀

Peace, love and spooky pizza!

*This is mostly tongue in cheek**

**It’s not really I don’t like al dente pasta 😀


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