Day 2, or why I can’t be bothered today

Today, The Cub and I went to see Frozen. Well, first we went to the library, the market, Ikea for lunch (meatballs, yay!) and then to see Frozen.

I HIGHLY recommend it, yes, it’s Disney and saccharine enough to tip an incipient diabetic over the edge but it’s GOOD! It’s a love story but between 2 sisters, it passes the Bechdel test and is a film about girls not needing boys to rescue them. The Cub (4 and a boy) luffed it, especially the happy ending. What? You think that was a spoiler? It’s Disney people, not Joss Whedon or Steven Moffat 😉

Anyhoo, having this planned for AGES, I knew that cooking was not what I would want to be doing. The Cub would be full of the sweeties sneaked into the cinema, what? EVERYONE does it and it’s The Cub’s favourite bit of going to the cinema! Robin would be to tired from his first day back at work to want to chew. Robin’s lack of wanting to chew is a major pain in the arse sometimes. So, I decided on samidge (sandwiches) for us and pasta mix for Robin. He actually ended up having a bloody Toast Topper or sick on toast as I think of them.

No, today there will be no pictures, nobody needs pictures of a sandwich or Toast Toppers but there is a super cute one of The Cub and Robin reading together.


Peace, love and pizza!


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