Day 5, in which The Cub goes to a party

I haven’t attended a party since I got pregnant, The Cub has a better social life than I do. Here is a picture of him at the party:

As a consequence of being in full party mode today’s repast consists of Aldi Bockwurst, the party wasn’t until 14:30 and I really can’t be bothered with the cooking of stuff after entering my 10th circle of hell.

Here’s some pictures of the jar, I HIGHLY recommend them:

015 016

I find Aldi pretty good for most things except their veg which never seems to last as long as the stuff I get from the market.

Short blog today and here’s an old picture of The Cub:

toile diary t-shirt 028

And here’s a new picture of him after the party:


Peace, love and pizza!


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