Day 6, in which we argue about stuff

The Cub would say white was black if I said it was white at the moment. It’s sooooo much fun. Today was first day back at school and he’s doing really well, he’s moved up a band in his reading books and he’s moved on with his frequently read decodable words. Phoneme’s, blending and segmenting are all now words bandied about by him with gay abandon. After the wobble we had last term I’m giving him a bit more structure when he comes home from school to see if this improves things. Today was not an improvement.

Tonight we had baked potatoes, no earth shattering stuff here, nuke them until they are cooked. Bang the oven on about 180 (we have a fan oven you may need to go higher), pop a bit of olive oil on the spuds after cooking them and sprinkle some course sea salt on. I don’t put any salt on The Cub’s because I’m trying to give him healthier eating habits than me. Heat up some beans, add butter to the baked potatoes, pour on beans sprinkle on cheese and voila. Except, The Cub doesn’t like his mixed up, I don’t like beans on baked potatoes and Robin likes to mix it all up so it looks awful. No picture, it’s baked potatoes!

Old picture of The Cub:


New picture of The Cub when I can get them off my phone:


Peace, love and pizza!


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