Day 7, in which the best laid plans

of mice and me’s go for a Burton. Tonight was going to be Sos and Squash recipe here:

  • 1 Butternut squash cut into pieces that you’d like to eat I’d suggest 2 cms or nearly 2 inches.
  • 1 packet of sausages, any you love
  • oil
  • linguine or any pasta you like
  • chilli oil or a fresh chilli – I use a fresh chilli because, as you know having read ALL my blog the boys don’t really like food that’s to spicy for them.

Take the sausages out of their skins and make meat balls out of them. I find that for the normal fat type sausage you can get 3 per sausage and for chipolata’s you can get 4. Fry them with the chunks of squash and fresh chilli if you’re using it, remember that the heat is in the seeds and the white veiny bits – did you know that if the skin is thin you can avoid peeling the butternut squash? No? Neither did I, another thing to thank Jamie Oliver for. The squash really will cook in the same amount of time as the sausages, honest! Neither takes very long, usually about 20 minutes. I have a confession, I hate al dente pasta, I think it’s another way of saying under cooked. I don’t like my pasta over cooked but just soft with no bite. Queen Nigella would despair of me I’m afraid. So, bearing that in mind decide when you want to put your pasta on so it’s all cooked together. I usually use spaghetti or linguine broken in half because The Cub struggles when it’s left whole. The Cub will be brought up to know that people who order spaghetti type pasta on a first date should either be kicked to the curb straight away or kept for life :D. When the pasta is cooked drain and add to the frying pan with the sausage and squash (or alternatively, return to the pasta pan and add the sausage and squash to this). If you’re using chilli oil add as much as you like to the pasta/sausage and mix well. Serve with garlic bread and or a salad.

But, things did not go to plan and by the time we got home (family stuff) I couldn’t face the chopping and cooking, so we had sausage, chips, broccoli and gravy. What? It’s a plan, not a legal requirement! Butternut squash keeps for AGES in a dark cool place so I’ll use it for something else another time.

Old Cub picture:


Can you guess when the new picture will be here?


Peace, love and pizza!


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