Day 9, in which The Cub declares his love for

bacon. Gammon night tonight which is always fraught with danger, The Cub loves gammon but doesn’t like the idea of gammon for some reason. I made the rooky mistake of telling him we had gammon for tea and had the usual round of ‘Moooooooooommmma, I don’t want gammon’, it is the song of his people. I did it with roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli and gravy if they wanted it – they didn’t. Robin isn’t a big fan of the gammon either and now we have found out it is because he doesn’t like it to thick so will be looking for thin pieces moving forward.

We’re all sat at the table and The Cub says ‘I love you momma and I love gammon’ cue my heart melting! My son, who will grow up to be a geek, having been raised by 2 geeks, loves me as much as bacon. Unless you are a geek I’m thinking you probably won’t get the reference, Google is your friend people.

I cook my gammon in the oven, mostly because our grill is truly rubbish. I popped it in 20 minutes before the roasties finish cooking and it all finishes about the same time. Veggies were steamed. I cook my roasties after they have been parboiled. Parboil is peeling the potatoes then boiling them for about 8 – 10 minutes or until the outer bits are cooked, you then drain them in a colander. Rough them up by giving them a bloody good shake whilst still in the colander. Queen Nigella would have you roll them in semolina, it’s ok, as is using cornmeal but I don’t love it. I use beef dripping because I prefer it over goose fat and think it gives a nicer colour.

Tomorrow is Friday, yay! We have 1 thing planned for the weekend, new shoes for The Cub and that’s it, hopefully I’ll catch up on some reading.

No picture because my phone was charging.

Old picture of The Cub:

various 014

New picture:

Love, peace and pizza!


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