Day 25, where cooking is back on the menu

and we are back on track with the actual menu planner.

Also, yesterday I had my first big interview in 10 years, yay me. I actually had to tell somebody not to use an offensive word in regard to people of colour and to pull somebody up on being sexist, AT AN INTERVIEW!

We had mac and cheese tonight, one portion of the Mumsnet cheese sauce recipe from Day 8, I think you’ll recall 😀 Straight macaroni from Asda, bits of ham torn up into it and garlic bread from Aldi (the frozen kind) which was, surprisingly, yum!

Whack the cheese sauce, cooked pasta and ham into a dish pop some mozzarella cheese on top. Bake until cheese gets brownish (about 20 mins), cook garlic bread as directed and eat with some salad.


Peace, love and pizza!



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