About Meeeeee!

I’m writing this blog because I usually have no idea what to feed the family. They change their damn minds or don’t know with such alarming regularity that I came to a decision. You’ll get what I give you. Hardly an earth shattering or original concept but one which will keep the levels of SIR (stroke inducing rage) at a bare minimum and will mean that they all get to see another birthday.

I’m sarcastic, you’ll get use to it.

I’m a lefty of the old school labour and a social libertarian, you don’t have to be, we can’t all be perfect 😉

Feel free to disagree with me about things. But, be prepared to be met with sarcasm and derision if your opinion is not backed up by verifiable and peer reviewed studies/facts. This, is your only warning.

I’m a feminist, although, some rad-fem’s would disagree and they can bite me.

Where possible I’ll cite the source of recipe’s but sometimes this just won’t be possible.

I’m lazy, if there’s a short cut I’ll find it. If there’s a gadget I’ll use it.

I live with my 4 year old son aka The Cub and Robin aka OMM or The Twat depending on how I’m feeling towards him. I’m 44 and I live in Cheshire dahling. I’d love to make children’s wear for a living but doubt that at my time of life this is likely to happen, however, if you’ve got a shed load of cash just burning a hole and want to own 49% of a company that makes children’s clothes in a scandy style? I might just be who you are looking for 😀

For me, putting food on the table is a symbol of my love for my family and friends.

I have a deep deep love of most things sci-fi and fantasy.

To mis-quote Ann McCaffery, I have green eyes and sarcasm, everything else is subject to change.


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