Day 24, and beyond

Well life came up and socked me in the fizzog – lucky me.

It appears my life doesn’t lend me to posting daily so I’m going Weekly. Yes, I’m fully aware I’m a flake thank you 😀 No I don’t need rescuing I’m doing fairly well resolving my flakeyness by myself.

New post up soon.

Peace, love and pizza xx


On being silent or, why I’m tearing my hair out.

I’m currently trying to do a years meal planner on Excel – yes, dear reader, you read that correctly. One whole year (including a leap year extra day) of meals. Plotted across the year so nobody yells ‘We just had that’ or ‘Not again!’

It’s taking me a while and when I’ve finished I’ll post it on my blog.

Peace, love and pizza!


Yesterday’s blog that didn’t get posted or how my hormones are giving me a hard time

So, I open the laptop this morning and find I didn’t actually post yesterday’s blog entry. You may remember I have a hormonal imbalance that turns me into a raging fury and it’s been flaring up. This means I forget everything and get distracted by the easiest things. I’m also suffering from The Rage, I try my very hardest to not allow this to affect The Cub, but I have very little patience and, if you have children you’ll know, you need shed loads of patience to deal with 4 year olds. Today I shall probably bake bread by hand to give vent to The Rage. My Rage tends to manifest itself in not putting up with the minor fuckwittery of people around me, Robin tends to cop for a lot of it and some of our rows are SPECTACULAR. I ask for no understanding whilst suffering because, if I’m being a twunt then I’m being a twunt, regardless of the cause.

The Cub this morning woke up in fine fettle, although, I’m sure that we are due a growth spurt because he asked for a big breakfast pictured here:


Pretty much before every growth period he’s eaten enough breakfast to feed a family! I expect I shall be letting down trousers after next week.


Hotdogs! Hotdogs! Gettcha hotdogs here! Or, how I had a really lovely day…

Today was freaking lovely, I spent the majority of it with an adult. An actual ADULT. If you have children dear reader, you will know EXACTLY how exciting it is when you speak to somebody who’s response is not, ‘Why?’ every single time you speak to them. I spent the day with the absolutely gorgeous Jo. She’s svelt and has the most beautiful eyes – yes, I’m very jealous of her, but she’s so lovely and evil you HAVE to like her 😀 We had coffee at the hidden jewel that is St Lukes Cafe and a piece of cake each. Our day was made by a wonderful, elderly lady who leaned to one side and farted for AGES, loudly. We laughed so hard we cried, when I am that old I will do things like that and not worry, in the manner of a 4 year old. 😀 Jo, has this fabulous idea of getting a potato gun and when she’s old having a meal then shooting everyone in the cafe with her potato gun. I like this idea, evil is a gift.

I am, however, stupidly tired from all the laughing and putting the world to rights so I was DELIGHTED when The Cub wanted hotdogs for tea. Yes, he actually knew what he wanted, as these evenings are few and far between I grabbed a lazy meal with both hands and that’s what we are having. Aldi’s Bockwurst, It’s a hotdog, you KNOW what they look like so I’m going to post yet another picture of The Cub. 😀


Peace, love and pizza!