Day 18, where I cut the boys hair

and they still love me. Not like my mother use to ::shudders:: But with clippers and a great deal of bribery on The Cub’s part. He HATES the idea of having his hair cut, and, as long as I cover his face with a towel to keep the hair off, he quite likes having it done because the clippers tickle. I really should do them both more often but, it’s a bit like clipping horses, hot, hairy work and not v pleasant. Still, it saves us quite a lot of money and the clippers paid for themselves in the first year. I used this web site to get started and have kind of winged it since then 😀

Tonight was supposed to be Pan Haggerty, but nobody really felt like it so we had beans on toast instead, which was a bit yum 😀

We went to see a van today, Robin’s new plan is to buy a van instead of a car. Don’t! I know, I KNOW! He has this idea he can trick it out and make is a short term holiday van. I do not see this happening, I will be fully supportive of him, but I really blame George Clarke and his bloody program.

Old picture of The Cub:

New picture of The Cub with a new do!

Peace, love and pizza!


Today is Saturday or what else can get in the way of feeding The Tribe

Ah, The Tribe – wasn’t that a 90’s kids tv show? I always said ‘The Tribe, or why young teens should not be allowed to dress themselves.’

Look at me digressing before I’ve even started the blog! If I was a superhero I’d be ADD Woman, here to fight for truth, justice and ooooh shiny!*

So what got in the way today? Robin, has decided to sell his car. He has, allegedly, reasons. He has explained these reasons to me, but, they can be boiled down to:

I don’t like the car and am having a monumental sulk because a van is just not practical.

Ain’t love GRAND. I read somewhere that you know it’s love when you look at them lying in bed next to you and think ‘I could smother you with a pillow or I can go make pancakes. Pancakes it is!’ This is very, very true.

The person who bought the car came from somewhere in Wales, he was here for 09:15. Robin got up at 08:50 and takes at least 2 hours to get going. They bought the car and left about an hour after getting here. Robin FINALLY sorted out the bloody insurance at 11:30. Robin did something rather complicated with the insurance, all legal, and took many, many days to sort out. He’s probably saved about 10p doing it that way. He ACTUALLY made me want to stab him about 3 times a day whilst sorting it out. I needed a car to go shopping today, usually I can pick up stuff on the way home from school after dropping off The Cub or whilst picking him up, but today it was heavy stuff and I was pouting. Robin wanted to put The Great Wall up** glass in The Greenhouse, he’s been putting The Greenhouse up for 3 years. Admittedly, he’s done it all on his own AND put in a patio, but his propensity for drama means things take 100 times longer than they need to. Take the garage for example, in the same amount of time it took Robin to paint half a small wall I painted the whole bloody thing. He over thinks things. I however, rush right in and don’t always stop to think, if you put us together we’d make a pretty rocking human 😀

Anyway, the reason for my diatribe? I needed the car, remember? So, whilst Robin is putting up The Colloseum*** Greenhouse I have The Cub, after The Lurgy and not sleeping to well I made them come with me. I’m evil, this is a gift. So we got enough fruit to feed a family of 6, The Cub eats his body weight in fruit nearly every day and veg etc. But, by the time we get back it’s nearly 14:00. I pull out my fall back, Aldi Bratwurst hot dogs in a jar. They are VERY nice, I don’t look tooooo closely at the ingredients because, I’d have to stop eating them if I did, no doubt. Hmm sweet chilli sauce on hot dogs……

Take out for tea because of the lateness of everything and my general can’t be arsedness. The Cub wanted a sandwich and an apple so that’s what he got.

Tomorrow is shaping up for sandwiches for lunch and sausages, waffles and veg for tea. Proper nursery tea there. Ooooh, speaking of which I might dig out that recipe for kedgeree next week, or at least a biryani.

No pictures today because who needs a picture of a hot dog or a sandwich?

Peace, love and pizza!

*Yes, I’m aware that is a glib way of looking at ADD but when my friend told me that her daughter, who has ADD would be this as a superhero I laughed like a drain. Now, go forth and be offended elsewhere.

** Google it, it took about 2000 years to build!

*** 10 years to build